Clear the Clutter...

We often get asked what is one of the most important parts of staging a home for sale… the answer is declutter!

We’re all guilty of living with more than we need and what you surround yourself with is your choice, but when you decide to sell your home you should present it in a way that allows viewers to see it as their potential new home rather than yours. As lovely as your kids’ artwork on the fridge is, viewers would rather see a clear, clean space and be able to envision their own style.

It might feel like a massive job but take a room at a time and use our top tips to get your space decluttered and depersonalised in no time.

  1. Hallway – the first place a viewer will step in to and the place to set the tone for the whole house. Remove personal photos and replace with artwork, tidy keys into a box and ensure coats and shoes are kept to a minimum.

  2. Kitchen – one of the most important rooms to a buyer, this is your opportunity to maximise potential by keeping worktops clean and clear. Clean out cupboards (if you don’t find a jar of dried herbs from 2003, I’ll eat my hat) and use the opportunity to pack everything from worktops into cupboards.

  3. Windowsills – keep these clean and clear. Folks will want to peer out of your windows whilst looking around but more importantly, items loading up the sills will block light which is never a good idea.

  4. Bathrooms – Display a plant, clean towel and a favourite hand wash and put the rest away – even if it’s only for viewings. A clean looking tidy bathroom will go a long way in allowing the viewer to see the home as their own.

Hiring a temporary storage unit can be a simple and fairly low-cost option if you want to keep hold of your treasured possessions and if nothing else, decluttering now will make packing up for the big move so much easier. What are you waiting for, let’s go…

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