Finding the right agent...

Deciding who to trust to market and sell, what is likely to be the biggest asset you own, is not a decision to be taken without careful thought and consideration.

It is a myth that all estate agents are the same. If you think it doesn't matter who you go with, as all they'll do is throw it on right move and wait for the phone to could be in danger of making a huge mistake.

We've pulled together a few of our own tops tips to help you navigate this journey and hopefully ensure a smooth and stress free selling process.

  1. Know your niche. Every agent will have their niche sector and this will vary dependant on location, value, age of property, style, use...the list goes on. Do your research and consider only the ones that have a portfolio of similar properties.

  2. Price V Value. Consider what is most important to you during the selling process. If cost is the most important thing and you are happy to do some of the leg work yourself, you may want to consider listing with an online agent such as purplebricks. If you're more interested in high end pictures, a glossy brochure and an agent that block books your viewings, you may have to consider an agent with a higher fee.

  3. Rapport. If your agent is unable to build good rapport with you, chances are, they won't be able to with any prospective buyers either. People buy from people and I can tell you now, that no matter how lovely your home is, an agent that can't remember all the important facts about your house, or has an ability to make any situation feel awkward will certainly be a distraction.

  4. Multiple Valuations. Contacting a number of agents in your relevant niche and asking for valuations is always a good idea. Don't be swayed just because one is offering a higher valuation, this is of course just their suggestion. It is by no means a guarantee that they will achieve that price for you. Ask for evidence to back up the valuation they provide. This will help you decide whether it's realistic or not.

  5. Additional services. Be sure to check any small print for additional costs. Some agents will separate out their marketing and photography fee from their selling fee so be sure to get all the facts up front.

This is just a snippet of the important things you should be considering. Above all, make sure that you and your agent feel as though you are on the same team. Keep communication up and don't be afraid to call and ask what they're doing if you've not heard from them.

In addition you have a responsibility to make sure your home is marketable. Getting it staged by a professional before going to market will give your agent the best chance of getting you the best outcome.

Good luck!

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