What is Home Staging....

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Well, to answer this, maybe I'll start by telling you what it's not....It's not interior design.

Its main focus is not around karate chopping cushions and how many throws you lay across a bed. It is in fact a marketing tool, and as soon as you see it like this you will begin to realise its value.

Selling and marketing your home, is no different to selling or marketing any other product. You need to identify who you are targeting; who is likely to buy your home?

This may seem like a tricky question to answer but a little bit of thought and some research can help make this become clearer.

To begin, think about the position you were in when you bought your house, it is likely your buyer will be in the same position. Look at the general demographic in your local area, this will also give a clue as to who is likely to be interested. Considerations such as the number of bedrooms and local schools will also have a bearing.

If in doubt, speak to your local estate agent or Home Stager as they may be able to help you.

Once you've established who your buyer is likely to be, you can start thinking about how to appropriately stage your home to ensure you attract the right audience.

For example, if you're marketing to young professionals you are going to need to consider space for an at home office. Families are likely to appreciate seeing all bedrooms staged as such, rather than as dressing rooms for example. Downsizers will be looking for maximum storage space and perhaps a low maintenance garden.

Just with the few suggestions I've mentioned you can quickly see how it's easy to market it incorrectly.

This is where employing the help of a professional Home Stager will become invaluable. We are able to help re-purpose, re-style and re-vamp to ensure every inch of your home is maximised. Through carefully chosen lifestyle accessories, furniture and artwork we can help to create a 'lifestyle'. The suggestion of how the buyer might use the space and what it might feel like to live there.

So yes, whilst Home Staging does involve a degree of design and styling, it is not the driver.

Thanks for reading....stay tuned for more insights.

Aimee x

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